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Relativity Tip- Persistent Highlighting

Please note this tip applies to and all screenshots are from v8.2 of Relativity.

When trying to get through a large data set for review we recommend the use of Persistent Highlighting. This Relativity feature allows the review team to create a list of terms to be highlighted in the documents for review. The review team can create multiple sets of terms to assist in different parts of the review and can also choose the highlight color for each term. Security permissions can be applied to term sets as well so only certain users can see them.

Below is an example showing two sets of terms: Primary and Privilege. A reviewer can manage Persistent Highlighting by clicking on the small icon in the top left corner of the viewer (highlighted in yellow). This will display a tree with all of the terms in the sets that are in the current document. Reviewers can click on the plus sign next to each term set to display all of the terms from that set, currently in the document. Each term is listed with a number next to the term which denotes the number of occurrences in the current document.


Reviewers can use the tree to modify the terms highlighted on the document. To remove specific terms a reviewer can uncheck or check the box next to each term to show or hide highlighting of the term.


Additionally, a reviewer can hide highlighting for an entire term set by click in the light bulb next to the term set. The set will be grayed out. In order to show the highlighting again the reviewer can click on the grayed out light bulb.


This allows reviewers to tailor the highlighting to their current review so they are seeing the terms that provide them the best context for their review.

If you would like more information or assistance with using this feature in your case hosted by SDS contact

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