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Relativity Tip – Search Conditions Feature

The search conditions feature allows a user to add conditions (similar to an advanced saved search) to a search done in the folder browser. The conditions feature allows the user to run search conditions that cannot be accomplished by filters or text searching.

The conditions feature can be toggled on and off using the magnifying glass icon next the the text search drop down while in the folder browser.


When the search conditions feature is toggled on it will appear above your document grid. It looks and works like the search conditions in the advanced saved search screen.


You can add a field, operator and value. Additionally, you can add multiple conditions and join them with the AND and OR operators, as well as utilize parentheses to generate complex condition queries.  SearchConditions3 SearchConditions4

The search condition feature allows users to run conditions on fields that would not be possible with filtering or text search. For example on text fields a search condition can be run for IS NOT SET or IS SET. This allows you to find all of the blank or populated values on a text field.

Additionally, the search conditions feature can be used in conjunction with filtering and text searching. This allows for more flexibility in searching.

If you would like more information or assistance with using this feature in your case hosted by SDS contact



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