The list of resources on this page is shared in order to help SDS and our clients establish reasonable guidelines and standards for our electronic discovery projects; within the framework of the expanded rules and regulations that govern eDiscovery.  More specifically, this section is designed to help our clients reduce their costs and assist SDS Discovery in lowering its time-to-finished ESI delivery, as well as clarifying the metrics for evaluating our performance..

Data Volume Estimates and Conversions – This information gives you an idea of the scope of eDiscovery ESI service delivery, its capabilities, and a general idea of what you should expect from your data delivery partner.

eDiscovery Reference Model – This section surrounds specific amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure concerning the discovery of “electronically stored information,” which have been in effect since 2006.  The amendments cover all related areas surrounding the definition of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as it pertains to electronic chain of evidence.  Some of these clarified issues include:

  • Early attention to issues relating to electronic discovery, including the format of production
  • Discovery of electronically stored information from sources that are not reasonably accessible
  • The procedures for asserting claim of privilege or work product protection after production
  • A “safe harbor” limit on sanctions under Rule 37 for the loss of electronically stored information as a result of the routine operation of computer systems.
  • And more…

Rules 16(B) and 26(F) [Meet & Confer]
Rule 26(B)(2) [Duty of Disclosure]
Rule 26(B)(5) [Privilege Claims]
Rule 34 [Forms of Production]
Rule 37 [Safe Harbor]