Superior Document Service’s state-of-the-art hosting platform allows you to store all of your high-volume digitized data in a secure data center that is always Internet accessible.  This solution delivers an uncomplicated forum to organize and manage all ESI requests and projects.

Our service delivery empowers your law firm, co-counsel, outside counsel and any other specified partners with the ability to comfortably access and share information evidence; which makes your trial team most productive.

Whether your ESI is accessed by a single user at 4 AM, or a host of partners simultaneously during the busiest hours, SDS’ hosting platform always meets your unique needs; yet at all times meets your most stringent security standards. Our network backbone consists of a multi-carrier, redundant configuration to assure no single point-of-failure.  Peak 10’s local fiber connectivity consists of a minimum of two fiber providers with dual entry points at each facility providing a solid GigE connection.  All of our sites have numerous Tier 1 IP providers and are inter-connected via a private mesh network. This configuration ensures that you can rely on high-bandwidth availability.

Simply-put, Superior’s hosting platform delivers cost-effective, efficient, secure and sensible data hosting which features:

  • An Environmentally-Controlled, Highly Secure Tier-1 Data Center
  • Premiere Software–as–a–Service Technology
  • Secure Upload and Access via Your Secure Internet Connection
  • Fully Customizable User Interface
  • Unlimited Client User Access