Superior can identify and collect ESI from all types of media devices including proprietary systems.  ESI is preserved in its native format using repeatable defensible processes and with pristine, fully documented, and unbroken chain-of-custody.  The SDS advanced, cutting edge technology suite  is  complemented by our battle-tested professionals who fully understand the data returned – and deliver best-in-class usable data, while dramatically reducing the size of the collected data set.

Elements of successful ESI service delivery include:

  • Data Analysis and Recovery
  • Data Collection and Acquisition
  • Preservation
  • Repeatable Processes
  • Knowledgeable Professionals with a Passion for Technology

Supreme Computer Forensics

In the event of destroyed or corrupted files, Superior’s IT forensics examiners deftly recover and authenticate your ESI.  We accomplish this through a variety of methods, access system usage scenarios, and recreating events leading up to the anomaly.  We then identify and recover deleted or corrupted files, uncover concealed or obscure data, then restore the data and create backups.

The finished ESI is delivered in your choice (or combination) of certified formats and is ready to be loaded into any review platform of your choice; including:

  • Manual Copy
  • Active Data Copy
  • Forensic Image
  • Tape Archive
  • Restored Backup Tape