The successful delivery of eDiscovery services and software demands a level of customer support not found in many other industries.

Superior empowers you to optimize review time; sort, organize, maximize and expedite your data reviews efficiently and affordably.  Since SDS has extensive experience with all litigation review platforms, our hosted service means you save money by not having to invest in hardware, software or in-house expertise.

There is no capital investment whatsoever. And you receive world-class support. Once the data is collected, we process it and host the review.  SDS delivers this industry-leading review protocol, which is becoming a benchmark document review system for both law firms and corporate counsel, at a highly competitive price.  You, and all of your stakeholders, can access our online review system anywhere via any common Web browser.

Users experience day-one productivity with minimal (if-any) training.  You can review and bulk tag the ESI in a single easy-to-use screen.  Superior’s online review even automatically keeps track of completed reviews as-you-go.  And in order to save time, the system can even skip items you have already designated.  It’s simple, efficient and easily affordable.